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It Came from Netflix Instant vol. 11   Leave a comment

Welcome back! has been been down for a while, but after much contemplation I figure there is no better day than today to wake it back up.  With that, I bring to you the latest edition of my favorite ongoing segment, It Came from Netflix Instant!  I sort through the endless options on Netflix and find the movies that are worth your time.

Horns – 2013

Horns is a smart adaptation of Joe Hill‘s 2010 horror novel.  The story follows Ig Perrish, who, after being accused of murdering his girlfriend, finds that he is growing devilish horns.  Anyone he talks to spills their darkest secrets to him and will do what ever wicked deeds he commands them to.  Ig elects to use his new found powers to find his girlfriend’s real killer.

I think Horns might have worked better as a mini series, considering the movie lacks a lot of the back story and character development that book offers.  But, if this is an indicator of how his other work will adapt to screen, Hill may very well inherit his father’s (Stephen King) mantel as one of the modern masters of mystery and horror.

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It Came From Netflix Instant! Halloween Edition Week 5: The Crow   Leave a comment

Halloween is nearly upon us! With that I have one last installment of It Came For Netflix Instant! before we hit the official start of Christmas.  Because, as we all know, Thanksgiving is just something you imagined and has never been a real holiday.  ICFNI! is my almost weekly segment where I find the movies on Netflix that are worth watching, and you can watch right now! Since it is October, all the movies this month have been geared toward the coming of the Great Pumpkin.

This week we look at a film series that has its ups and downs over the years, but is always Halloween appropriate, The Crow.


Based on the comic book of the same name, the Crow films have been go cult favorites since the 90s.  The film spawned three sequels and a short lived TV series (not to mention that there is always threat of a reboot) and all of it can be watched right now!

The Crow – 1994

Brandon Lee, in the role that killed him, is an anti hero who comes back from the dead the night before Halloween to avenge his and his fiancee’s murders.  He also busts up crime and corruption on the streets of Detroit, finds time to save junkies from them selves and teaches a young girl about the importance of understanding.

This movie bleeds 1994.

Also it has a killer soundtrack that may or may not have been something that I listened to on loop on my Walkman all through high school.

This move has a diehard fan base and you should join us.

Not all of the Crow movies, however, are as beloved… but that does not make them any less fun to watch!

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It Came From Netflix Instant! Halloween is Coming Edition!   Leave a comment

Welcome back from more It Came From Netflix Instant!, my semi-regular series helping you navigate the choppy waters of Netflix Instant.  Get the pop corn, candy corn, corn chips and corn on the cob ready!  It’s October that means it’s scary movie season!

You will probably see me post a few more installments this month, as I make it a point to watch at least one new scary movie a day during October.  So keep checking back!

And remember, this move on and off instant watch from time to time, so check these out while you can!

Here are some movies that are worth your time!

Rise of the Zombies

RISE-001The cast of this B-Movie zombie flick is the reason I had to click on it. LeVar Burton, Danny Trejo, French Stewart, Ethan Suplee and Mariel Hemingway.  The casting director must have just scraped up who ever happened to be available and already in their phone that day.

It’s your standard zombie flick, from movie knock-off masters The Aslyum, drawing on The Walking Dead for the most part.  It showed up on SyFy for Halloween last year.  I can’t call it good, but I can call it entertaining.  Machete vs. Zombies? Who could complain?

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It Came From Netflix Instant!!! British SciFi TV   5 comments

Time for anther installment of It Came From Netflix Instant!!! Where I help you to wade through the content on Netflix Instant and find out what is worth watching.  Today I am going to take a look at a few short run British SciFi TV shows that you will find yourself marathoning through.

Jekyll – 2007

If you are a fan of Doctor Who and Sherlock and just can’t wait for new episodes then I highly recommend Steven Moffat’s Jekyll.  It is a modern-day sequel to the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, starring James Nesbitt  as both counter parts.  Nesbitt does a fantastic job in both roles and the pacing of the six episode series is perfect.  The show will leave you wanting more, but not dissatisfied.

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It Came From Netflix Instant!!! – 2: Funny Meta Horror   Leave a comment

Welcome Back for another addition of It Came From Nexflix Instant! There is a lot of junk on Netflix Instant and I’m going to tell you what I don’t hate.  Today I am looking at Funny Meta Horror movies, where the concept of horror movies play into the plot and are played for laughs.

The Video Dead – 1987  Released direct to VHS in 1987 The Video Dead fell into obscurity and remains there to this day.  There has never been a DVD release so it had pretty much vanished until showing up on Nextflix instant.  Video Dead is about two teen siblings who move into their new house to discover the previous occupant had been killed by zombies that came out of an evil TV set.  The only two ways to kill the zombies, as told by the TV’s former owner and I’ll quote directly from the film, are to “Trap them in a place from which there is absolutely no escape. Then they’ll go crazy, eat themselves,” or “Since they think they’re alive, by attacking them like you would the living. With guns, knives, anything. For a time, they can actually be convinced they’re dead.”  Video Dead reminds me of Troll 2 or Frankenhooker, where the cheesy effects, nonsensical plot and terrible acting result in a movie that is actually a lot of fun to watch.  If you like good-bad movies, that is.  Video Dead would be right at home on a midnight movie screen.  If you don’t have Netflix, you can find the whole movie here on Youtube.

Behind The Mask – 2006 Told in the style of mocumentary, with narrative scenes worked in, Behind the Mask follows Leslie Vernon, an up and coming serial killer in the vain of Jason and Freddy.  The jokes are based around showing how Leslie sets up traps for his intended victims, how he is seemingly able to escape death and why he chooses specific targets.  In this case the target is the horror movie trope of the “teen-virgin.”  It is sort of like watching a magician revealing his secrets before doing a spell.  Act three takes a new direction I thought it shouldn’t have, but has a good pace and keeps you chuckling.  A sequel, B4TM, is currently in the works.

Waxwork– 1988– I watched this movie for the first time when I was about 12 years old and it scarred the crap out of me.  It stars the guy from Gremlins who along with his friends end up in an evil wax museum, run by one of my all time favorite bad guy actors, David Warner.  One by one the group of friends are tricked into entering the wax displays, each set up as a scene from a famous horror story, which transports them into the world of that story to become victims of the monsters that dwell there.  The special effects look very  1980 and the acting/plot is super campy.  One of my guilty pleasures.  The squeal, Waxwork II: Lost in Time, is also on Instant for double feature viewing.

Now I ask you again, what else is worth checking out on Netflix Instant or anywhere else for free online? Tell me below!

It Came From Netflix Instant!!! Sci-Fi/Horror Edition   3 comments

There is a lot of stuff on Netflix Instant.  So much so that any time I want to just throw something on before I go to bed I end up spending half an hour going though the choices before I decide just to watch Futurama again.  But there are a few hidden gems amongst the massive piles of forgettable crap.  Here are a few that you may not have heard of, but are worth checking out! Things don’t stay on Instant forever so catch them sooner rather than later.

A Boy and His Dog – 1975- This is a movie that I will probably end up talking about more than once on this blog.  Based on a novella by Harlan Ellison and the major inspiration for the Fallout video game series, A Boy and His Dog follows a boy named Vic (played by a very young Don Johnson) and his dog, Blood, as they travel the nuclear wasteland that is the USA following World War IV.  Blood is of human level intelligence and can communicate with Vic via a psychic link, a power that gives them the upper hand in the endless search for food and woman for Vic to have sex with, typically by force.  While I could never consider a rapist to be a likable character, the adventure that Vic and Blood go on is worth watching as it gives a frightening and thought provoking view of life in the post apocalypse and the people you might find there. (If you don’t have Netflix you can find the whole movie on Youtube.)

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil – 2010 – Seeking to turn slasher movies on their head, this movie is a deconstruction of the genre, showing the events of what would be a teens-head-to-cabin-in-the-woods-only-to-be-picked-off-one-by-one-by-some-unkown-killer from the prospective of the would be killers.  The perceived murderers are Tucker and Dale. Two low class but lovable country guys that are spending their free time renovating an old cabin, that happens to be near the camp site of a few horny teenagers.  Through a series of mishaps and misunderstandings, the teenagers believe that the titular duo are out to kill them while Tucker and Dale think that the teens have a made a violent suicide pact.  The film is funny and charming in ways I did not expect and makes for a great watch.  If you liked Cabin in the Woods then you need to check this out.

Grave Encounters – 2011 As a fan of Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures  (what can I say, I think bros running around in the dark screaming about ghosts is pretty fun to watch.  Their show is also on Netflix Instant, btw), I wanted to check this out.  It is of the found footage style and follows a group of TV ghost hunters who get trapped in a haunted insane asylum.  The story progresses how you would expect it to. The team gets trapped inside and they become less and less hopeful that they will ever escape, which you already know that they won’t because it is a found footage movie.  While predictable, it does provide a few good scares that make up for the parts where it drags.  If you are the type that likes a good scare right before you  turn in for the night then this worth the money that you have already paid for the ability to watch it.

What else is worth checking out on Netflix Instant or anywhere else for free (and legally) online? Tell me in the comments!