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Ranking the SNL Movies Worst to Best   Leave a comment

To celebrate the 40th anniversary Saturday Night Live I thought I would take a look back at what has represented the long running series biggest successes and resounding failures.  These are the 11 feature films based on the show’s sketches.  Some translated perfectly to the big screen, while most are best left forgotten forever. But I’ll go ahead and dredge them back up anyway. According to the only unit of measure that matters, their Rotten Tomatoes scores, here are the SNL Movies ranked worst to best!

11. It’s Pat – 1994 – Rotten Tomatoes: 0%

It is hard to tell if Pat is a man or a woman.  The end.  This was a hard sell as a two minute sketch, and it should have never been attempted to be stretched into a barely feature length (78 mins) film. The film’s antagonist is a man obsessively trying to figure out Pat’s gender and solve the mystery that no one cared about.  Maybe Pat is trans? Or ambiguously gendered? Anyone ever think of that?  None of our business, people!

10. The Ladies Man – 2000 – Rotten Tomatoes: 11%

After a string of movies through out the 90’s, The Ladies Man put an end to SNL on the big screen for a decade.  Like many SNL movies, it just didn’t have enough story or jokes to sustain a full length movie.  The premise, an old school player tries to turn himself around but has a hard time letting go of his lifestyle, is so cliche and hackneyed that it never had a chance rise above the sketch that spawned it.

9. A Night at the Roxbury – 1998 – Rotten Tomatoes: 11%

I can’t help but feel that if this movie came out about six years later it might have succeeded.  Will Ferrell’s breakout role in Old School and subsequent success as a leading man-child in Elf were still five years off, leaving Roxbury with a star that we were all still some time away from appreciating.  The movie was written off as being one note, and that is true, but it’s not like Will Ferrell’s best comedic work is known for being nuanced or deep.  Maybe Roxbury needed to happen so Will Ferrell could figure out how to be a leading man and work up to having the confidence he now has that allows him to be a human cartoon character.

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It Came from Netflix Instant vol. 11   Leave a comment

Welcome back! has been been down for a while, but after much contemplation I figure there is no better day than today to wake it back up.  With that, I bring to you the latest edition of my favorite ongoing segment, It Came from Netflix Instant!  I sort through the endless options on Netflix and find the movies that are worth your time.

Horns – 2013

Horns is a smart adaptation of Joe Hill‘s 2010 horror novel.  The story follows Ig Perrish, who, after being accused of murdering his girlfriend, finds that he is growing devilish horns.  Anyone he talks to spills their darkest secrets to him and will do what ever wicked deeds he commands them to.  Ig elects to use his new found powers to find his girlfriend’s real killer.

I think Horns might have worked better as a mini series, considering the movie lacks a lot of the back story and character development that book offers.  But, if this is an indicator of how his other work will adapt to screen, Hill may very well inherit his father’s (Stephen King) mantel as one of the modern masters of mystery and horror.

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New Science/SciFi/Fantasy/Horror Shows for Spring and Summer 2014… And when they will end!   Leave a comment

Boy Howdy! It has been quiet here over the last few months! I am so sorry to have deprived the internet of my colorful commentary regarding the world of pop culture.  Lets get back into the swing of things with one of my favorite guessing games! When Will All the New Shows Get Canceled?!


Black Box  – April 24 2014

The premise of this show reads like a cross between House M.D. and Perception.  A medical mystery show where each episode revolves diagnosing a patient who is experiencing “rare, highly visual, often hallucinogenic and startling conditions.”  The twist is that the main character, Catherine Black (Kelly Reilly) is suffering from bipolar disorder her self, and struggles with sticking to her medication regiment.

I’m torn on this one.  On one hand, I think that mental illness should be one of the highest priorities for the health care industry, and that starts with awareness.  One great way to bring awareness to the subject is by bringing the discussion directly into peoples homes.

But on the other hand, looks like this show has taken the stance that bipolar disorder makes you super sexy and self-destructive.  For people living with mental illness, who are already facing social stigma and unwarranted prejudice, this won’t be the image they want to put forward.

Cancellation Prediction:

Quietly after season four, with the characters enjoying a long life in shipping fan-fics.

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Archer and the Art of the Retool   Leave a comment

The fifth season opener of Archerthe FX animated series about a hopelessly shallow but  highly successful super spy, dumped the driving premise of the series and reemerged as something new.  Something that most shows can not pull off.


If you have not seen the episode and plan to, I won’t spoil it for you.  Otherwise my take is below the cut!

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The Day After The Day of The Doctor   5 comments

Yesterday was, as I am sure you know, the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, the longest running sci-fi TV show ever.  The occasion was capped off with a brand new special, Day of the Doctor.  The special was so very very good (I’ve already watched it twice), but now that half a day has passed I can sit down and think about what wasn’t perfect about it.  A criticism, yes, but a loving one.

via Wikipedia

via Wikipedia

If you haven’t seen the special yet, now is your chance to turn back.  Here is your spoiler warning!  If you have seen it you can find my thoughts behind the cut.  And if you haven’t watched the series, you will have no idea what I am talking about!

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Graveyard Fever   Leave a comment

Can love survive the end of days? Find out in Graveyard Fever! The latest video from my sketch comedy team Corgis From Hell!


Graveyard Fever premiered at Improv Boston’s The Kerfuffle on November 20, 2013

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New Corgis From Hell Sketch!   Leave a comment

Hey All!

The next video from my sketch comedy team, Corgis From Hell, will debut tonight at Improv Boston’s The Kerfuffle!   I’ll post the video, Graveyard Fever, tomorrow for your continued amusement.

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