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Welcome back! has been been down for a while, but after much contemplation I figure there is no better day than today to wake it back up.  With that, I bring to you the latest edition of my favorite ongoing segment, It Came from Netflix Instant!  I sort through the endless options on Netflix and find the movies that are worth your time.

Horns – 2013

Horns is a smart adaptation of Joe Hill‘s 2010 horror novel.  The story follows Ig Perrish, who, after being accused of murdering his girlfriend, finds that he is growing devilish horns.  Anyone he talks to spills their darkest secrets to him and will do what ever wicked deeds he commands them to.  Ig elects to use his new found powers to find his girlfriend’s real killer.

I think Horns might have worked better as a mini series, considering the movie lacks a lot of the back story and character development that book offers.  But, if this is an indicator of how his other work will adapt to screen, Hill may very well inherit his father’s (Stephen King) mantel as one of the modern masters of mystery and horror.

Don’t Blink – 2014

A bunch of friends go to a hotel in the mountains to discover it has been abandoned.  One by one they start to disappear without a trace, leaving the rest to to wonder when it will be their turn to vanish.  It is an older form of scary movie, focusing on tension and mystery as its source of scares.  I can’t say much more than that without ruining what I liked about the movie, but I will say that I was pleasantly surprised why what the movie DIDN’T try to do.

Oculus – 2013

Two siblings get ahold of the haunted mirror that destroyed their family years earlier, and try to collect video evidence to prove that it is evil.    The evil mirror quickly asserts its power and the siblings end up in a fight for their lives and souls. Oculus is full of the old jump scares and monstrous ghosts that are the standard for haunted house movies, but the characters and story are strong enough to raise this movie above the average.

What hidden gems on Netflix instant do YOU recommend?!  What was crap that should be avoided at all cost? Tell me below!


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