It Came From Netflix Instant! Halloween is Comming Week 3!   Leave a comment

This month It Came From Netflix Instant is focusing on the best scares to be found on instant watch! Love October! Its all beer and candy and scary movies!


Anyway, there is a lot lot lot of terrible crap on Netflix Instant and it is my goal to help guide you around it to find only the best crap!  This week I am proud to recommend the following:

Carrie – 1976

The verdict is in on the remake and it is mixed at best.  The original is a classic and if you haven’t seen it get some popcorn going and cancel your plans to see the new version.  I’m mean, it’s got John Travolta! What could be better!

Slither – 2006

Do you like Nathan Fillion? Yeah, you do.  You want to see him fight Merl from The Walking Dead, who happens to be turning into a giant squid monster? Obviously!

Warning though, there are things in this movie you can’t unsee.  Years after you viewing you will think of those moments and shutter.

Grave Encounters 2 – 2012

Found footage movies miss the mark more often than they hit.  So much so that I was surprised that the first Grave Encounters (which is also on Netflix Instant) is as high quality as it is.  The second film’s story gets a little off-kilter by the end, but the quality of the writing, surprising twists and the scares make this flick a spooky thriller worth your time.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark – 2011

You ever think that there are thousands of monsters living under your house?  Maybe they want to be your friend! Or maybe they want to steal your teeth… and eat you.

Good luck sleeping!

The Innkeepers – 2011

A creepy and self aware haunted hotel movie with as many funny moments as scary ones.  It is a quiet and slow moving movie, but with plenty going on to keep you excited and on edge.

That should give you a few more good scares! What movies are giving you the chills this Halloween season? Tell me below!


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