It Came From Netflix Instant! Halloween is Coming Part 2 -90’s Style!   Leave a comment

Another round of It came From Neflix Instant! for your Halloween season! In It Came From Netflix Instant! I wade though the mostly terrible movies available on Netflix instant to find you what’s worth watching.

In today’s installment I am looking back at the movies I had to sneak into because I was too young to get a rated R ticket! 90s Teen Horror! 

via fanpop

via fanpop

Side note, I miss the thrill of sneaking into R rate movies. It made me feel like a rebel.

Side note two, every trailer on this list has the same voice over guy.  The late great Don LaFontaine.  One day I’ll have to do a post about his work.

Scream – 1996

A masked slasher terrorizes sexy high school student, Neve Campbell.  Then, everyone dressed like Ghost Face for Halloween ’96.  Literally everyone, figuratively.

The original and best 90s teen scream classic Scream as well as two of is sequels, Scream 2 (1997) and Scream 3 (2000) are currently on Instant Watch, waiting for you to marathon through them.  The fourth film, which was surprisingly good (not actually good, just better than you would have expected and worth watching if you like the other movies.) is currently only available on DVD.  So, add that shiz to your queue.

The Faculty – 1998

It is what we all thought to be true.  The teachers are secretly aliens, hell-bent on taking over the world. High school students are the only thing standing in there way.

The Faculty counts Daily Show host Jon Stewart amongst its cast members. Why don’t we take a moment to watch him in this scene where fights Josh Hartnett and Elijah Wood with his late 90s CGI finger monsters.

The soundtrack boasted a cover of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall by a shot lived alt-rock super group called Class of ’99.  It was epic.


Disturbing Behavior – 1998

It is what we all thought to be true… again.  The popular kids are part of their parents evil science experiment to turn troubled teens in to perfect students.  But, then they go crazy and start murdering the normal kids. I mean, hormones. Am I right?   Oh high school…

This was director David Nutter‘s sole theatrical release, having found success directing for TV, specifically pilot episodes. 17 of 18 pilots he has directed (with one more in the works) have gone to series, including Arrow which is also on Netflix Instant here!

What Teen Screams do you love? What are you watching this Halloween season? Tell me below!


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