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Welcome back from more It Came From Netflix Instant!, my semi-regular series helping you navigate the choppy waters of Netflix Instant.  Get the pop corn, candy corn, corn chips and corn on the cob ready!  It’s October that means it’s scary movie season!

You will probably see me post a few more installments this month, as I make it a point to watch at least one new scary movie a day during October.  So keep checking back!

And remember, this move on and off instant watch from time to time, so check these out while you can!

Here are some movies that are worth your time!

Rise of the Zombies

RISE-001The cast of this B-Movie zombie flick is the reason I had to click on it. LeVar Burton, Danny Trejo, French Stewart, Ethan Suplee and Mariel Hemingway.  The casting director must have just scraped up who ever happened to be available and already in their phone that day.

It’s your standard zombie flick, from movie knock-off masters The Aslyum, drawing on The Walking Dead for the most part.  It showed up on SyFy for Halloween last year.  I can’t call it good, but I can call it entertaining.  Machete vs. Zombies? Who could complain?

6 Souls

poster-6-soulsFirst released under the title Shelter, it stars Juliane Moore as a psychologist studying a man named Adam, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who she believes has multiple personalities.  As it turns out, Adam may actually be absorbing the souls of those he comes in contact with.

The movie is poorly reviewed but gave me a few good scares.  Strong performances from the cast are its saving grace as the plot descends into a bit of silliness.  I saw the end coming, but that didn’t stop it from being creepy.

Dead Snow


I love this movie.

It’s Norwegian, so you will have to deal with subtitles, but it is the Nazi-Zombie movie of your dreams.  Its scary and clever and will make you scream and laugh out loud.  Best viewed with beer and friends.

A sequel is currently in the works!

Evil Dead – 1981

Evil-Dead-PosterIn case you somehow managed never to see the original Evil Dead,now is your chance!  Its sequels and the remake are not up on Instant watch, but the original is a classic and a Halloween favorite. EDIT I Lied! Evil Dead 2 is on instant! No such luck for Army of Darkness, however. – Oct 8 2013

Bag of Bones


This is a TV mini-series based on the Steven King novel of the same name.  It stars Pierce Brosnan as a writer who goes to live in a small town to get over his writer’s block following the death of his wife.  He is visited by spirits and starts to have visions, which lead him to uncover a decades old murder.

A creepy-moody thriller, if you like haunted house stories then this is worth checking out.

What are you going to Netflix this Halloween season? Tell me below!


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