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You are one sick SOB, Whedon. #imaleafonthewind

You are one sick SOB, Whedon.

Joss Whedon puts telling a good story over your feelings.

That means no matter how much you love one of his characters you should be prepared for them to die at all times.

It’s sick and sadistic and it is what makes his shows worth watching.  You can never be sure if one of the heroes is really going to pull through.

I don’t want to be to spoilery, so if you want to remind yourself of the terrible things he has done to his characters (and the audience in turn) then why don’t you follow this link here to Comic Book Resources and try to fight back some tears as you remember those you’ve lost.

Whedon returned to TV earlier this week with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, the TV tie in to the Marvel movies.  It was as entertaining and promising as any Whedon show has ever been, and with the support of the film franchise behind it we might get to see the first long running Whedon series in years.  With that, we must also prepare ourselves for the inevitable deaths of the characters we are going to grow to love.  No one is safe, but lets try to figure out Which Agent of Shield is going to Die First?

Spoiler Warning! If you are not caught up on The Marvel Movies or haven’t watched Agents of Shield Epp 1 yet now is your chance to stop reading!  Also Firelfy, Buffy, Angel and Dollhouse.


Skye – Chloe BennetChloe-Bennet-as-Skye-on-Agents-of-SHIELD

Skye, the hacker, is the quintessential Whedon girl.  Tough as nails, smartest person in the room, and funny.  Also…well… super hot.  She is the break out character of this ensemble cast and as she is the newest Shield recruit, will act as the surrogate to the audience.

She, like so many on this show, is wrapped up in a mystery.  We don’t know who she was before she had to flee her old life.

Dead First? 3%

Skye is safe from an early grave.  Whedon already pulled that move in season one of Buffy when he killed his female lead, even if only for a few minutes. I wouldn’t put it Whedon to take her out one day, but not until she is good and developed…

AS A CHARACTER! Well developed as a character!

Grant Ward – Brett Daltonward

Ward is the male lead and the response to Skye.  He is gruff, macho and does not play well with others.  He is pretty much a blank slate at the moment, all we know about his is that he is tough and he has alluded to a rough family history.

Dead First? 7%

There is no reason to kill Ward because he is just not very interesting yet.  He fills the role of young-male-handsome-tough-guy that all comic book/spy TV shows need, but there is just not enough personality to get attached to yet.  And with no emotional attachment comes no need to kill.

He comes with a slightly increased risk over Skye as he could get swapped out for someone who has more substance from the get go.  Like say for J. August Richards who guest starred as a budding super hero in the pilot. We saw the that happen with Doyle in the first season Whedon’s Buffy spin off Angel.

Phil Coulson – Clark Gregg


Along with Maria Hill, (Cobie Smulders) he is one of two returning characters from the films to show up in the pilot.  The announcement that Coulson was a surprise to fans considering Whedon had already killed him off in The Avengers.  Coulson had been a background player in the films until he got a chance to show off in Marvel short films The Consultant and  A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer, quickly skyrocketing him to become a fan favorite.  As of now the details of his resurrection are cryptic, with it implied that even he has no idea how he was really brought back. The mystery of “what happened to Coluson?” is sure to be a running theme for at least the first season.

Dead First? 10%

Just because Whedon killed you once it does not mean he won’t kill you again.  How many times did Buffy die?  I would say there is some likely hood that Coluson will go down first, and it will have something to do with a revelation about his resurrection.  He might not even really be Coulson.  Wired and  io9 both postulate that he is a Life Model Decoy that only thinks he is Coulson.  A good theory, but I suspect the real answer is going to be something less obvious.  This a a world where the line between magic and science is quite blurry, after all.

Like Shepard Book, the mentor is often a head waiting for the chopping block.  And since he has already been dead once, you aren’t expecting him to go first, which means it is going to have an impact if he does.  Whedon loves that.  But, he has been dead pretty recently, so I think that saves him from being the first to die in this show.  Just seems gratuitous.

Jemma Simmons Elizabeth Henstridge

jemma-simmonsThe female half of the science duo known as FitzSimmons, she is the team’s quirky biology expert.  Seldom, if ever, seen without her best friend, Leo Fitz, the two scientists make up what will be no doubt be soul of the show.  Henstridge describes the two as having a brother-sister relationship.   She is super cute, geeky and British.

Dead First? 15%

Joss loves smart women, which should play to her favor.  But being part of a couple, even a non-romantic one, is dangerous in a Whedon story.  There is no better way to push one character forward than by ripping a loved one away from them.

She is also very much filling the role Whedon would have cast Amy Acker in ten years ago.  So he may kill her by erasing her soul, leaving her a shell of who she once wasTwice.


Leo FitzIain De Caestecker

03_Leo-FitzsimmonsThe male/ engineering half of Shield’s super science team, who speaks in British accented whispers and names his robots after the Seven Dwarves.  Extremely smart and is unaware of how funny he is.  A bit prone to panicking, he leans on his female counter part, Simmons, to keep cool.

He is the character people will wait for to say something funny when scene gets too tense.  Expect him to be the Wash of this show.

Dead First? 25%

Fitz, has no chance at survival.  Joss loves to kill guys like Fitz.  He is funny and cute, has a best friend who is a girl and people are going to just love him.  So he has to die at some point, so that we will know when things are getting serious. This will also send Simmons on some sort of emotional journey.  He has a target on his head. #leafonthewind

Melinda MayMing-Na Wen

01_Melinda_MayHow awesome is Ming-Na Wen? Very.  That’s how awesome.

Her character, Melinda May, is being pulled back on to active duty after an unknown time away for unknown reasons.  She is a weapon’s expert and pilots the team’s jumbo jet headquarters.  She is the female answer to Coulson, and agent who has been to Hell and back and reluctantly heading back into the thick of it because Coulson says they need her.

Dead First? 35%

May is my number one pick for fist dead.  She is quickly built up to have all the same gravitas as Coulson but with a reluctance to get back to the front line.   She is all but screaming “Kill me to teach everyone else a lesson in how to be a family.”  Also, as she is one of the better known faces on the series there is a higher likely hood of her leaving the show for a different project earlier than the rest.

Those are my predictions! What are yours?! Tell me below!


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7 responses to “Who is Going to Die First on S.H.I.E.L.D.?

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  1. Based only on the characters that have been introduced thus far, I’d have to go with Fitz. He’s the audience favorite (at least among the people I know who watched it,) he’s one of the most vulnerable (no combat training), and he’s the only one who’s part of a pair right now. And as we all know, Joss believes that it’s imperative to eliminate the breeding pairs (or non-breeding pairs, for that matter.)

    But my REAL pick is Lola. Given Coulson’s obvious affection for his cherry tricked-out flying car, it likely won’t make it past the mid-season finale (but will be replaced by a 2015 model once the show picks up a car manufacturer or two for sponsors.)

  2. Such a pretty car. And a nice throw back to the Stark Expo scene from Captain America. I’d be so sad to see Lola go… But, a spot on prediction.

  3. You’re entirely wrong. Ron Glass is going to be the first to die after he reveals (or gets very close to it) who/what or where Coulson has been since getting stabby stabbed by a god.

  4. Could be, but Ron Glass is not a regular cast member. Like all supporting players, its really just a matter of time before they go down, so I left them off the list.

  5. Well you only stated “Agent of Shield”. And it isn’t unheard of for a relatively no name background character in Whedon’s shows to wind up becoming a main character (The Trio comes to mind).

  6. I was referring to the title of the show and thus the primary cast, but I see your point.

  7. As for Fitz, I think he will die, but I think we get to know him for a few years (fingers crossed) first. By then some else will have died first. Anyway, he is my number one choice for the number two death.

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