What Strange Things Are Afoot to Keep Bill & Ted 3 on Hold?   Leave a comment

It’s that part of the story where its looking Grim,” said Keanu Reeves in an interview MTV’s Josh Horowitz, referring to the long delayed Bill & Ted 3. The film, set to star Alex Winter and Reeves as their slackers-turned-rock stars alter egos, has been in some degree of preproduction since 2011.  Reeves was quite cryptic on the subject of the film’s delay, stating also that “There’s lots of subterfuge and conspiracy theories. There’s a whole thing… it’s pretty dark out there.”

De Nomolos is everywhere,” he said.  De Nomolos was the bad guy from Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, in case you forgot.

What the hell is he talking about?!  I have my own reasons as to why a third Bill and Ted film should not happen, but I am left to wonder as to what these Dark Forces are.

I have a few theories.

1) George Carlin’s Ghost

George Carlin was an indispensable part of the first two movies, playing the wise advice giver, Rufus.   Carlin’s death in 2008 was thought to have all but assured the end of a possible third Bill and Ted installment, but the project started up anyway a few years later.  Is it possible that Carlin is reaching out from beyond the grave to stop production on this movie because he does not want to see the series continue on without him?  It would not surprise me in the least.

2) The US Government

This might go all the way to the top.  If Bill and Ted 3 delivers it will teach us all how to be excellent to each other ushering in a time of harmony between all living things.  And in a world at peace, where would that leave those whose power is built on a world at odds?  The government could be holding this movie back to ensure they keep their vision of world order.

3) Future Keanu and Alex

Perhaps in another time line this movie did get made and it was terrible! An insane idea I know, but hear me out.  The Dark Forces Reeves refers to could in fact be future version himself and Winter, come back in time in order to halt the production before it ruins them.

4) De Nomolos

Reeves mentioned De Nomolos as possible reason for the film’s delay.  This could mean that De Nomolos himself has come into our time line to stop the movie.  Or that Ed Solomon, writer of series of films whose name served as inspiration for character, is putting the breaks on.  Or the actor who played him, Joss Ackland, is behind all of this.  Or, and Lord I hope this isn’t it, but it could be all three of them together.  Reeves did say that De Nomolos is everywhere. What if that statement was literal?

5) Josh Horowitz

MTV’s Horowitz, has been following the Bill and Ted 3 story for years.  Maybe he isn’t ready to let it go and is working behind the scenes slow its progress.  Josh, if you are reading this, let this phone booth fly, man.  Let it fly.

6) Cartoon Network

via imdb

via imdb

Alex Winter has been out of the spotlight for a while, but that is not to say he has been out of work.  He directs a lot of projects for Cartoon Network.  Maybe they don’t want to let him go should the movie be a big success.

7) A Duck

Ducks are jerks.

8) Evan Richards and Christopher Kennedy

Richards and Kennedy stared in the short lived Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures live action TV series.  Their careers never skyrocketed and they likely have become bitter and evil.  The Bill and Ted that never where.  As the alternate reality Bill and Ted they are a good choice for the villains of this story.

9) Napoleon Enthusiasts

Unhappy that the bumbling-jerk Napoleon of the Bill and Ted films has become the quintessential portrayal of the figure on film Napoleon Enthusiasts may want to stop further damage to his reputation.

10) Narrow Minded Studio Executives

The darkest possibility of them all is that there is no one willing to back the film’s production.  That no one with the means sees a multimillion dollar investment into a third Bill and Ted movie as profitable venture, thus leaving the film in an indefinite limbo where it will die without ever getting a chance.  What a sack of fools they are.

What do you think is delaying the production of this film? If it gets made are you going to go see it? Tell me below!


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