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Just days after the bomb shell announcement that Ben Affleck will be taking on the role of Batman, The Michigan Film Office announced yesterday that Batman vs. Superman will be filmed in Detroit.  The film will enjoy a $35M tax credit for shooting in Michigan. It is expected to create over 400 jobs and utilize over 500 vendors.

Pretty much this is the best thing to happen to Detroit since Motown.


For all the crap I like to give this movie I would say that this is something I can wholeheartedly agree with.  Detroit is the best choice to take on the dual role of both Gotham and Metropolis.  It is the part the city was born to play.

Gotham and Metropolis take on as much depth as the characters who inhabit them. They are reflections of their respective heroes and citizens. heroes.  Metropolis, with its shine and prosperity represents the best of the best, what all other cities strive to be. Much like its adopted son, Superman.  Detroit was Metropolis at the height of the USA’s stint as the world’s leading manufacturing powerhouse.  It grew to be a shining beacon of American wealth and exceptionalism. It is in rough shape today, but there is nothing like a little Hollywood magic to clean it back up and get it ready for its day in the spotlight.

Gotham, the dark vision of a great city that has begun to collapse and fall victim to its own inner turmoil reflects the anger and struggle inherent in Batman.  Detroit (located in Wayne county, I might add) has been feeling this pain since the crash of the American auto-industry.  With the collapse came an increase in crime, and In its current bankruptcy Detroit could use a wealthy hero like Batman to swoop in and save the day.  Dirty, broken and in need of a savior to stand up for it until it can again stand on its own again, Detroit is America’s Gotham

Detroit also serves as a very practical choice. Along with all of the monetary incentive the state is throwing its way, Detroit has no lack abandoned buildings and available places to film.  There is a lot of space for the film crew to utilize for all of the action that is going to go down in this movie.

I am ready to see Detroit shine in Batman vs Superman.  Maybe DC Entertainment will find a home there and we will see the comic book industry breath new life into the city.  We can only hope.

Do you think Detroit will make a good location for Batman Vs. Superman? Where you you like to see them shoot? Tell me below!


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