Brett at the Laugh Dungeon!   Leave a comment

The latest bonus video for How To Be America is now up on YouTube!

Check out a clip Brett’s stand up set at The Laugh Dungeon!

Learn more about my comedy team on the FanDeath page.  Learn more about the scene after the cut!

We shot this in Ben’s (Brett) basement, unsurprisingly considering it looks like a basement.  It is pretty dark and creepy down there.  It has that unmistakable musk of a cold damp storage space. That is why we decided that The Laugh Dungeon was an appropriate name.  Perhaps Brett also uses the space for other more nefarious purposes…

We debated when we wrote the script as to if we wanted to use any audio for this scene in the final product, or to leave it silent like the rest of video.  When Ben started making the set up on the fly and we couldn’t stop laughing we decided that we had to use it.

There will be more bonus material out in the next few days! Pretty crazy that we have so much extra stuff from a four and a half minute video!

Be on the look out for more from FanDeath!


Posted August 29, 2013 by atomicsam in CorgisFromHell

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