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Welcome back to another installment of It Came From Nextflix Instant!!!

Are you desperately holding on to your fleeting youth, like me? Do you long for the days of your childhood? Getting up on a Saturday morning with a big bowl of Honey Smacks and watching cartoons in your PJs?

Growing up is over rated!

You can have that again through the power of Netflix Instant! And I have taken it on myself to wade through hours of cartoons so that I can show you where to start!

Transformers: Prime


A few months back I tried watching an episode of the 1980s classic Transformers series, only to discover that it was not the groundbreaking work I had remembered it to be.  In fact it sucked.  I felt like my childhood was a lie.

The good news is that the most recent Transformers series, Transformers; Prime, does not suck! It is inspired largely by the movies, and also takes a lot from the dynamic of Transformers Animated.  The series draws from all over the established Transformers mythos, everywhere from the original series, to Beast Wars (also on Netflix instant) and even the UK edition of the comics.

The writing is some of the best that there has ever been in the Transformers franchise.  The characters are literally and figuratively three dimensional.  If you loved the original show, but recognize that it is not as good as you remember, then this is the cartoon for you!

Ultimate Spider-Man


I’ve had a disagreement with Spam over whether or not this show is any good, and I am happy to throw my support behind it.  This show is great!

It follows Spider-Man as he gets trained by S.H.I.E.LD. to be the leader of a new group of teenage super heroes.  It plays with a lot of cut away gags for laughs, but keeps the action coming strong.  The most exciting thing about the show is that it allows Spider-Man to interact with characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe from whom he is currently cut off from on film. Spider-Man’s film rights were licensed out to Sony before Marvel started making its own movies, which is why Spider-Man won’t be showing up with the Avengers in a movie anytime soon.  But Marvel did retain the TV rights, so you can see him team up with Iron Man, Thor and everyone one else from Marvel Comics on this show.

The first season is up on Netflix, but the second season is still airing.  Hopefully it will go up as soon as the season ends.

DC Animated Movies


While I continue to have my doubts about the future of DC at the movies, I can say that their animated movies have been consistently solid.  The animated movies have allowed DC to bring some of the best plot lines they have done to life, outside the previously established DC Animated Universe continuity (you can find much of that on Netflix as well, including Justice League, JLU and Batman Beyond).

Not all of them are on Netflix, but here are the ones you can watch right now!

Batman: Under The Red Hood

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

All-Star Superman

Batman: Year One

Justice League: Doom

Superman Vs The Elite

Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam

That should keep you glued to the TV for a while!

Have you checked any of these out? What did you think? What cartoons do you watch on Netflix? Tell me below!


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