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We have all heard the news by now, right?

According to The Wrap Ben Affleck is next in line to take up the mantle of the caped crusader in the sequel to Man of Steel.  This will actually be the SECOND time Batman and Superman will be on the big screen together, as they will both be appearing in the Lego Movie.  I have had my doubts about this movie and my initial reaction to this news, like so many others, was not positive.

Please no...

Please no…

I like Ben Affleck! I’ve been a defender of his since Mallrats! But this time… not so much.

Affleck has made a hell of a name for himself as a director in the last few years.  If it had been announced that he was replacing Zack Snyder as director I would have been jumping for joy.  But as a casting choice for Batman I am getting some real Val Kilmer vibes.

The Snyder vision of the DC universe was already overly depressing in Man of Steel.  For the next film we have been lead to expect an older more grizzled Batman.  Something akin to his appearance in The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel, the darkest version of an already dark character.  Affleck, a spry 41, is a hard sell as a battle hardened old man.  He is just barely middle aged and looking really good.  Instead of broken and broody we will end up with mopey and sad.

I wanna hug...

I want a hug…

I think that DC is feeling the pressure to get bigger names for their movies so that they can start filling theaters again.  But Affleck’s best work has not been in action heavy roles.  Since this movie is set to place the two heroes against each other we can’t expect Batman to be playing up his role as a detective, except for the obligatory part of the film where he figures out Superman’s real identity.  Something that took Lois all of 15 minutes, so no big deal there.  I’m sure there will also be a scene where he figures out who is behind the conspiracy that pit them against each other (I’m guess that that is the plot of movie, I don’t really know.  Also, I guess it is Lex Luthor).  After that they will be friends.

In a stand alone Batman movie that slants towrds a crime drama I think Affleck would be a decent choice.  I don’t expect a movie where he will be going punch for punch with Henry Cavill as playing as well to his strengths.

This is were I should state again… I LIKE BEN AFFLECK! I am a fan, I just don’t see him in this role.  I can’t blame him for taking the part, because its Batman.  Who would turn that down?  What I want is for Affleck to play a Batman in a version of the story where he can succeed.

Wait… I just had an idea…

I think Ben Affleck could play this part if he was Batman, but not Bruce Wayne.  WHAT IF… They changed the part to Dick Grayson instead? Affleck, with his youthful look, would be much better suited to a grown up Robin with a more grizzled actor as Batman.  Lets say someone like Clint Eastwood or Robert Duvall for the part of Bruce Wayne.  Affleck as Grayson, just after trading in his Nightwing persona to take over for a retiring Wayne.  The first half of the movie would put the new Affleck-Batman at odds with Superman, leading to Affleck-Batman’s defeat.  More experienced Old Batman would then have to come out of retirement to finish the fight in act three.  After that they will be friends. Duh.

I could see that working (what a surprise, I like my own idea).

So, there are versions of Batman where I could see Affleck killing it. There are versions of Batman where I see Affleck as a bad fit.  Its way too early to make any real judgements, so I guess I will just have to give Affleck and Snyder the benefit of the doubt and wait till July 2015 to see if this pans out.

Not like they can’t just do a reboot if it fails.

*sad trombone noise*

*sad trombone noise*

What do you think about Affleck as the new Batman? Good idea or bad idea? Tell me below!


4 responses to “Over Thinking: Affleck as the New Batman

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  1. I’m more positive on Affleck as an actor, and I think he’ll turn in a great performance, but I wish the movie wasn’t going down that Dark Knight Returns road. I have zero confidence in it turning out well.

    Now, if they work from the blueprint of the Superman Vs. Batman fight in the DC New Frontier special, I’d gladly shell out $25 to see it in IMAX 3D.

    Luthor is a likely enemy, though, because he’s Bruce Wayne’s rival as well as Superman’s nemesis. We’d get to see Batman be as powerful and dangerous a hero out of his costume as in it, which is the same theme that made Iron Man 3 so compelling. They’re both genius billionaire playboy philanthropists, after all.

  2. The real question is: who is going to play Alfred? Am I right?

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