How to be America   1 comment

FanDeath‘s first video, How to Be America is up on YouTube for all to enjoy! Please like and share!


How to be America!

Having trouble navigating the go go world that is America today? Feel like you are a true loser? Need help becoming a success? Well then sit back and watch our helpful video about how to get ahead and be America!

A FanDeath Comedy Sketch

This is the first video produced by FanDeath. It premiered at Improv Boston on August 21 2013 at the Kerfuffle: Death or Glory.  We could not have been happier with its reception.

Thanks to everyone who helped out on this shoot! It was 36 hours from pressing the Rec button to rendering the finished video and we could not have done it with out all of the help we had.

FanDeath was cofounded by Ben Sandler and Sam Aguirre


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