The Lego Movie is going to do a better job at creating a Justice League franchise than the Superman/Batman movie   3 comments

If you have seen the trailer for next year’s The Lego Movie yet? check it out below:

The last few years have seen a resonance of sorts for the Lego toy line, in a way that I was initially bothered by.  What was once an engine fueled purely by the imaginations of its users has become part of a massive marketing machine that includes two TV shows, close to 50 video games, and now the feature film.  Who ever though that Lego needed to be anything more than plastic bricks?  I certainly did not.  That is until I first played Lego Batman and Lego Indiana Jones, those games really turned around my opinion of the Lego video games.  They are a lot of fun and I was surprised to see how well the Lego construction mechanics work.

When I first heard about The Lego Movie, I had a similar gut reaction that I had to the games: “That sounds dumb.  How would that even work as a movie?” But, the trailer has changed my stance from doubtful to excited.  I want to see this movie.  It is still too early to say if it will ultimately be any good (there was a time I was looking forward to R.I.P.D.) but it has a cast that I can get behind and with Phil Lord and Chris Miller at the lead the script should have a lot going for it.

Lord and Miller created Clone High, perhaps the most underrated show of all time.

Aside from their work on 21 Jump Street, Lord and Miller created Clone High, perhaps the most underrated show of all time.

One of the major things that The Lego Movie has working in its favor is the chance to bring so many characters to the screen at the same time (Imagination…. IMAGinaAAaAation…).  This includes the Ninja Turtles, Morgan Freeman and the Justice League.  Yes, the Justice League will make it to the big screen for the first time, not as part of a big summer action flick, but as side characters in a movie about Emmet, a Lego construction guy (Chris Pratt!).  And I think that Lego is going to get it right where DC has failed time and time again.

super linc liberty

It is likely to be the only movie where Superman, Abe Lincoln and the Statue of Liberty team up. Unless there is some sort of Superman/Ghostbusters cross over.  But that would just be redic… Hmmm… I think I have an idea…

Earlier this month it was announced that Superman and Batman would be teaming up in the sequel to Man of Steel, the biggest disappointment of 2013 (I really wanted it to be good). This will be the first time the duo share the screen in a live action feature film and is expected to kick off the DC shared cinematic universe, much like the Marvel films.

Best we could do for a logo, huh?

Best we could do for a logo, eh? Well, I guess it is good to get your expectations in the right place now.  Seriously, the Bat-Symbol looks like my dad’s mustache.

This is not the first time DC has tried to make this happen.  A Batman/Superman script was floating abound back in the early 2000s, and was even teased at in I Am Legend.   I can’t count the number of failed attempts there have been at a Justice League movie (that is a post for another day), but I think that come hell or high water this will be the the time it happens.  Do I think Superman/Batman, the impending Justice League movie or the rumored Flash film will be any good?

No.  Why the hell would I?

Superhero team ups have only ever been about one thing, increasing sales.  Batman has no problem selling tickets on his own but Superman has been under-performing, as did DC’s other hope for a Justice League jump starter, Green Lantern.   Man of Steel was a mess.  I didn’t hate it, but I left the theater without having bought into it enough to want to see a second film.  My main issue with Man of Steel was that it was already too dark for a movie about a guy in blue spandex and red cape.  The next movie will apparently be taking its cues from Frank “Crazy-Sexist-RascistMiller‘s Dark Knight Returns comic, which was dark even by Batman standards.  Adding the two on top of each other will turn into a contest to see which one can be more broody.

Batman: My parents are dead.

Superman: So are mine. And my adopted dad.  And my whole home planet. So there! *sticks tongue out*

I go to super hero movies to have fun.  I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the dark tone Nolan Batman films, but I don’t need to be depressed every time I go to see one of these.  The Lego Movie will have the members of the Justice League being involved in… get this… a comical adventure.  Yeah, they’re not called “Serious Books,” are they?

Not only that, but it will mark the feature film debut of Wonder Woman. WONDER WOMAN!

Looking good, Lego Wonder Woman.

Looking good, Lego Wonder Woman.

Yep, The Lego movie will do what DC comics has failed to figure out how to do in 70+ years and finally manage to bring the most popular female superhero in history to the big screen.

I imagine the that parts for the DC heroes in the The Lego Movie will be limited to bit supporting roles, but for the first time ever Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern will be in the same movie and it will be all about fun.  No depressing back story to slog through, no morally ambiguous ending, just superheroes being superheroes.  Maybe this will spin off into the Justice League movie we have all be waiting for.

What do you think of The Lego Movie? Could it be the answer to DC’s problems on film? Tell me below!


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