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Its been a while since I’ve done an It Came From Netflix Instant! and I figured that if you are anything like me (and I hope you’re not) you might be more excited to spend the long weekend at home watching videos than going outside to bar-be-que. Also. maybe it will rain and your plans will get washed out.  Who knows? Better to be prepared, I say!

With that I bring you It Came From Netflix Instant! American Edition!

Prohibition – 2011

ProhibitionAn immensely fascinating documentary about the strange time in the USA’s history where everyone’s favorite thing to do was outlawed.  Ken Burns tells the story of what lead to the 18th Amendment, the unforeseen effects it had, and why it was ultimately repealed.    I was blown away by how entertaining it is.  Also I was drunk when I watched it.  That added a whole other level to the experience.

H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer – 2005


NOT a feel good American movie, but non the less quite interesting.  This documentary tells the story of H.H. Holmes who constructed a house in Chicago specifically designed for him to kill people in.  During the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair he kill as many as 200 people in his murder mansion.  Yeah, he was crazy, and if you want to give yourself a chill on a hot July afternoon it is the movie to watch.

Shark Week – 1987 -2011


Because why wait till Agust when you can have Shark Week right f**king now?! Selections from Shark Week programing are on Netflix so you can live by Tracy Jordan’s immortal words:

What are you going to watch this July 4th weekend? Tell me below!


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3 responses to “It Came From Netflix Instant! American Edition!

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  1. H.H. Holmes and Prohibition are both great. If you liked Prohibition you might try The National Parks. Sadly it lacks the 80-90 years-olds talking about having drunken sex, but it has its own charm.

    On a side note, I disagree with your characterization of H.H. Holmes. I watched that to put my mind a rest before bed. But I do that with Dexter, Justified, and Game of Thrones too.

  2. I think your new roommate might be an improvement. Does she play Wii golf? I’ll see you in a couple months.

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