“The Ocean at the End of the Lane” should be the next book you read   Leave a comment

I promise to keep this post as spoiler free as possible.  I will also be honest and say that I am fan of Neil Gaiman, and any review I write of his work will be affected by that.  


I was so excited last weekend to go down to Porter Square Books and pick up my signed copy of Neil Gaiman’s latest novel, The Ocean at the End of the Lane.  After the woman behind the counter handed me my copy I waited till I was fairly certain no one was looking to open the front cover and smell it.  There is just something about new book smell that I can’t get over.

It tells the story of a man who returns to his home town for a funeral and takes a ride over to the spot where his childhood home once stood.  He finds himself drawn to the home at the end of the lane, where he reminisces about how he and a childhood friend spent their time exploring her back yard and the pond that she claimed was an ocean.  What follows is a story of magic, monsters and impossible things.

Like all of Gaiman’s work The Ocean at the End of the Lane is a story steeped in the surreal and metaphoric.  It is about the endless struggle between childhood and adulthood, and that terrible realization that all children have to have; that their parents (and all adults) are just grown up children, capable of mistakes and horribleness.

The story is layered and complex, but straight forward enough to follow all the way through.  Not a single word is wasted.  The paced never drags and the drama is never lacking.  It is a deeply personal story, but with themes so universal that everyone who reads it will be able to take something from it. The Ocean at the End of the Lane will at times leave you feeling crushed and alone, but also manages to highlight the beauty in that.  It is a truly remarkable book.

Picked this one up yet? Looking forward to giving it a read or are you going to skip it?  What are you reading right now? Tell me below!


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