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With all the buzz about Catwoman in the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about all of the better ways that comic books and the greater spectrum of SciFi/Fantasy could treat female characters.  This ranges from the very broad idea of giving women better story lines to the seemingly much smaller issue of how women are framed on screen (follow that link, please.  You will learn a lot).

That in mind, I wanted to revisit a post from last summer and bring  you Five MORE Female Superheroes who Can Helm a Movie

5) Raven

RavenRaven is probably most well known from her Cartoon Network incarnations on Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go!  She has been kicking around the DCU since 1980.  Raven’s basic back story is that she is the daughter of a human mother and demon father.  From an early age she was trained to suppress her emotions and demon powers in order to control her evil side.  Raven, instead, embraces her abilities and uses her powers to battle her father in his attempts to take over the world.

The basics of Raven’s story are pretty standard of teen drama fair.  It is a coming of age story where the girl goes against the teachings of her parents in order to embrace her independence and achieve a greater sense of self. Raven has a fan base that has been growing in the last ten years, and her origin is tied in to the creation of the second version of the Teen Titans, which she formed in order to battle her father.  A Raven movie would be a great vehicle for a story featuring a female lead, and through the Teen Titans it could also serve as a foundation to start the DC cinematic universe, should the current plan of expanding on Man of Steel falls through.  Which if I know DC, it will.

4) Neil Gaiman’s Death


Death is not a superhero per-say, but she is a great character.  She first showed up in the pages of DC’s Sandman in 1989 as a supporting character.  She is the embodiment of the concept of death, and rather than being a scary-evil-skeleton type of figure, Death is a caring older sister with a goth-punk sense of style.  She is that alt-girl you could never work up the nerve to talk to in high school and were floored when you found out that she knew your name.

Death headlined a few of her own stories, most famously Death: The High Cost of Living which followed her on the one day a century that she becomes human so that she is able to as a way to remain connected to humanity.  The film adaptation of the story bounced around in preproduction for years before development was stopped.  Death won’t end up in any big screen  knock-down-drag-out battles (She is Death, after all.  She comes for you.), but she is a great way to tell a story about the fleeting nature of the human condition, so long as the team bringing her to life is a good one.


3) Squirrel Girl


Yep.  I’m serious.  Squirrel Girl.  Never hear of her? You are not alone.  She has never been a widely popular character and was conceived of as a joke.  Still, she has managed to become a cult favorite.

She is a mutant. But instead of getting a cool power, like a healing factor or laser eyes, she has squirrel like physical features and the ability to talk to squirrels.  She has defeated numerous major villains (although it is rarely shown how) and has been romantically linked to Wolverine. Currently she serves on The Avengers! As the nanny…

How would a Squirrel Girl movie work? I have no idea.  Action comedy?  But if Marvel is giving Ant-Man, the third most popular Avengers “smart guy,” a movie then I think it is only fair to toss the ball to Squirrel Girl for once.

2) Samus Aaron


Comic book movies have come a long way in the past decade, but video game movies still suck.  This boggles my mind!  We are living in a golden age of video game story telling and not a single good (objectively good, and not just enjoyable despite its flaws) movie has been made.

My vote for the best choice to get a decent video game film franchise off the ground is Samus Aran, alien fighting heroine of the Metroid series and first major female video game character (ok… second).  Her reasonable armor concealed the fact that she was female until the end of the first game, in what was then considered a startling twist.  The cat is long since out of the bag on that and Samus sadly now falls victim to the same over sexualization that all female heroes do.  A movie could reestablish her as a bad ass action chick along the lines of Ripley or Sarah Conner.

1) Hermione Granger

hermioneHonesty moment, I’ve never read any of the Harry Potter books, and only saw the first movie.  That being said, I still think that a Hermione movie would be a good idea.

The characters from Harry Potter share a place in pop culture right along side Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and Wonder Woman.  And they earned it.  Hermione has endless potential beyond the life of a supporting cast member in someone else’s story, even if that story is a very good one.  The Harry Potter characters have taken on so much life in the last 15 years that I have to imagine there are more stories to be told.  Superman is still getting new stories and he has been kicking around since 1938.

A Hermione solo movie could build off the existing series or be used as an excuse for a reboot, but either way there is a lot that could still be done with her, and she deserves that chance.

What female hero do you think needs a movie?  Am I right about Squirrel Girl? Tell me below!!



3 responses to “Five MORE Female Superheroes who Can Helm a Movie

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  1. Raven, while awesome, would turn into “The Crow: This time with titties.”

    • Well, as long as they don’t focus only on the titties I don’t see that as a bad thing. Especially considering we almost got “The Crow: But this time its Bradley Cooper.”

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