Legolas is in The Hobbit 2? Was this supposed to be a suprise or am I just way out of touch?   8 comments

By AtomicSam

Everyone’s favorite elf is set to return to the big screen in The Hobbit 2: Electric Boogaloo  The Desolation of Smaug.


Look at all that handsome!

While my reaction to this news was not as visceral as it was for some people, I was happy to see the familiar face back on screen.  He connects the new films to the original trilogy in way that will give the full story a more depth once it is all complete.  Making it feel like one concise tale without the need to, oh I don’t know… go back an edit new footage into the old movies?

I f**king hate you, George Lucas.

I f**king hate you, George Lucas.

But it does raise a very important question…

Was I supposed to know that Legolas was in The Hobbit 2?

Spoiler warning for Star Trek: Into Darkness in this post. I deservedly got some s**t for last week’s lack of a warning for JLA #4.  I said I was sorry!

I’m asking seriously.  I pride myself on knowing what there is to know about upcoming SciFi/Fantasy movies, and I even read the Hobbit back in high school and I had no idea.  Was this cunning a surprise to get people excited about the movie or was it generally known that Orlando Bloom would be taking a tip back to Middle Earth?

When the first Hobbit came out Elijah Wood and Ian Holmes showed up in the first few minutes of the movie to bring the audience back into the series.  A way to remind everyone what they liked about the first three movies and reinvest their interest in the new one before devoting the next few hours of their lives to it.  Legolas, on the other hand, appears to play a central roll in the story of The Hobbit 2.  If he was in the book, someone please let me know in the comments.  The Wikipedia pages for LotR characters are all about a mile long and at that point I might as well just go reread the book.

Assuming that I’m right (a dangerous game…) I imagine that his role has been added in as to pad the relatively thin story of The Hobbit into three long movies.

I mean that literally.  The book is like 300 pages.

I mean that literally. The book is like 300 pages.

UPDATE!  Oct 1 2013- A new Trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug  is out and it is rasing more questions about Legolas’s role in the film.  Read about it here:  New Hobbit 2 Trailer puts Legolas in the Friend Zone.. ouch 

It could be that Legolas is small part that is being played up in the trailer.  A tactic that is employed when the studio is concerned with a low turn out at the theater.  The example of Camp Hell comes to mind, where Jesse Eisenberg was all over the initial promo materials despite being in the movie for less than ten minutes. While no amount of Jesse Eisenberg was able to make Camp Hell a success (you ever hear of it? Didn’t think so…) with the total gross of the first Hobbit movie at over $1Billion the odds of the second film under-performing are pretty much non-existent.  However, what I do I think this represents is a much more up front approach to a new and normally very subtle trend in film marketing.

Surprise cameos, twists and Easter eggs, have existed in film since the earliest days of the medium, but have taken on new life in the last few years.   Small surprising moments that hint at a larger picture, keep the audience talking and get capitalized on in later movies.  I would point to the Nick Fury scene in Iron Man as the most important example of this in the current era of action film making.  It started the hype that lead to The Avengers being the third biggest box office draw ever.

Sometimes these moments are even too small to even notice unless you are some sort of nutcase.  But, said nutcase will find the hidden gem and then post about it online, leading to a slew of free advertisement as people start to discuss it.  For example, Man of Steel contains one or more references to S.TA.R. Labs, the DC universe’s home of non-evil super science.  This is, according to the writer, intended as a reference to Cyborg, a member of Superman’s comic book team The Justice League, which DC has tried and failed many times to get made into a movie.  This sort of SURPRISE!-SEE-WHAT-WE-DID-THERE?!?! marketing becomes appealing because it gets people talking early on and hypes up anticipation.  All without a cent spent on conventional advertisements.

Similar stunts were pulled recently in Fast and Furious 6, with a major character in the next film being raveled at very the end (a la Thanos at the end of The Avengers); and with Star Trek: Into Darkness when Karl Urban “slipped” and revealed to a reporter that Benedict Cumberbatch would be playing Gary Mitchel, a villain from the original series, in the film.  As we now know and long suspected, this turned out to be false and was just a ploy to get the media talking about the movie as well as dispel another rumor that turned out to be true.

sp khLegolas showing up in the trailer for Hobbit 2 draws attention the same way it would have if he had shown up at some point in the Hobbit 1.  Seeing that he is now a major part of the advertisements I am kind of surprised that there wasn’t some small appearance of him in the first film to get people talking last year.  Although I suppose it is good for them to get that boost now, six months from the release out rather than 12.

At any rate, the marketing is more of a formality at this point.  That movie is going to make bank no matter what happens.  So did it matter what they put in the trailer?


Are you going to see The Hobbit 2?  Excited for the return of Orlando Bloom? Do you know if he was in the book? Tell me below!



8 responses to “Legolas is in The Hobbit 2? Was this supposed to be a suprise or am I just way out of touch?

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  1. You going to see Much ado about Whedon?

  2. no legolas in the book. there is absolutely no bridge that connects him to the core lotr books.. it seems a forced attempt to gather the elvish fans (read: women) to flock to the cinemas to watch their favourite orlando bloom. Galadriel again, makes no appearance in the hobbit and isnt relevant to the plot at all. the hobbit movies had a chance to focus on the dwarves and their culture and a chance to do real justice in the battle of five armies (climax of movie 3). again, Peter Jackson is forcing the elves in just like he did in helms deep in movie 2 – there were no elves in the book… not sure why everyone is so enamoured by them.

    • Thanks for the info! Yeah, Legolas makes girls swoon and with most of the dwarves designed to look unattractive I can see why the decision was made to add some sex appeal to the screen. Not saying I agree with the decision, just that I understand why it was made.

      • Clarification: Not saying I disagree either. The film can be different from the book and still be good, which remains be see. I feel the director should be able to work with the source material rather than be bound to it.

    • Actually the mirkwood elves are relevant they connect the empty space between the time of Bilbo and the time of frodo. Mirkwood is where sauron regained power legolas father was in the Hobbit book this is the best way to connect both stories for those who have not read the books as the connection of the mirkwpod elves is talked about in the lotr

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  4. No legolas was not in the book…his father was…legolas is the prince of the mirkwood elves…galadriel was,also not in,the book but will be in part 2 it seems that a sub story is being added one that occured between the end of bilbos adventure and the start of frodos. The story was discussed in the lord of the rings books by legolas when he talks about sauron regaining his,power in mirkwood before being driven out by coincil of wizards. Aragorn also talks about gollum being housed in mirkwood as a captive in fact legolas originally journies to rivendell to tell of gollums escape . Adding this story is probably crucial for people who havent read the books to connect the Hobbit and the lotr

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