So Apparently Catwoman is Dead? DC Really Has No Ideas for Female Characters   8 comments

UPDATE: Check out The Beat if you want to see Catwoman’s ultimate fate!

By AtomicSam

Catwoman was killed in  Justice League of America # 4 last week.  No that can’t be right.  They wouldn’t just kill off one of their  most iconic female characters with out any sort of…

catwoman 2

Oh… Well would you look at that.  Maybe its just a trick and she gets right back up.   Seems like a Catwomany thing to do.  I wonder what they are teasing for the next issue?


Or… never mind. I guess she’s just dead.


Well, Catwoman is “comic book dead,” which is generally meaningless.  All great comic book heroes/villains die from time to time, it just comes with the territory.  And, cats have nine lives right? Maybe she’ll turn out to be a secret Time Lord or something?  I can’t imagine what ever explanation they will eventually use to bring her back will be any better.

Maybe she isn’t dead at all.  Maybe this will be the DCU version of the Gabby Giffords shooting, and we will get to watch Batman take care of her while she recovers.  Yay, that will be a sure great way to tell a story about one of the strongest female characters in comic books.

I think represents the continuous lack of forethought as to how comics treat women.

Catwoman’s death probably won’t last very long.  Her ongoing series is still running, although that follows her earlier career and notwhere she is during the current events of the DCU.  It could theoretically keep running with her in the grave.  It is my estimate that this was done as a bit of shock value to get people talking about the character and picking the book up.  And hey, look at that! Its working!  I’m such a corporate tool!  But despite that, I feel like Catwoman has been turned into a prop.  She is now a call to action for all of the male heroes to go avenge her death.  Take a look at the hands on that coffin.  There are three and they are all male.  Big strong manly hands that are about to make fists and punch the heck out of the guy who killed her.  I’m sure each of them will grow as a person and develop as a result of this story, too.  But Catwoman? If you are looking for her, shes in the refrigerator this week.

There is a big difference between when a major male hero gets taken out vs when a female one does.  Superman fought Doomsday in an epic battle to to the bitter end.  Batman was blasted by Darkside, but not before getting the chance to save the universe.  Batgirl doesn’t remember to check the peep hole before she opens a door and Joker shoots her.  Joker didn’t even know it was Batgirl that he shot, it was just a happy coincidence that left Batgirl in a wheel chair for decades.  Batgirl changed her name to Oracle, the character with the super ability to Google stuff.

Men die saving the world, women die to remind men that it is up to them to keep saving the world.  Catwoman went down just because someone wanted to get Batman’s attention.  Not exactly a hero’s fall.

If I wanted to go deeper into the mistreatment of female characters in the comic book industry the post would be a full on book.  Or I would need to make a whole second blog devoted only to that.  Since I don’t have that kind of time for the  I’ll just refer you, dear reader,  to The Hawkeye Initiative, a webpage that really illustrates the point of the issue.


How long do you think Catwoman’s death will last? Will this have any significant impact on the DCU?  Is anyone still reading the New 52?

Tell me below!


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8 responses to “So Apparently Catwoman is Dead? DC Really Has No Ideas for Female Characters

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  1. 4 months dead, 3 months hinting at her return in 4 lol

    • The rumor I heard from AtomicSam contributor Spam is that this may turn out to Star Girl in a Catwoman outfit. This made me want to smash my head in to my desk.

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  5. I don’t have issue 21 of catwoman yet, but in issue 20, they do reference her getting calls from Trevor/ JLA who is looking for her so the two aren’t as removed as one might think. I don’t think she’s dead. She is in all the imagery for the Trinity War promotions. Though, I do have to say, quite anticlimatic, regardless of the outcome

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