Over Thinking: The Dark Implications of a Disney Cruise Lines Commercials   2 comments

by Atomic Sam

Check out the latest advertisement for Disney Cruise Lines:

Ahhh… Disney Cruise Lines… All the comfort and luxury of a five star hotel with the nervous uncertainty of the open ocean.  Where all your cares are whisked away and you can apparently be entertained by the come to life animated creations of the most powerful entertainment company on the planet.

Oh and look! Our little friend Wall-E has come to bring you towels while you take a hot rose filled bath!


What a life Disney offers! Rest! Relaxation! Being waited on hand and foot by little robots!  What could be better?

Hold on…

What does this remind me of? I can quite put my finger on it, but my irony sense is tingling.


That is the exact thing that Wall-E portrayed as was bad!

What I am lead to believe here is that Disney wants us all to be slowly lulled into a state of  full dependance on their advanced robot technology.  They want us to become so comfortable and cared for that we forget about everything that was once important and just get fat off the teat of a cartoon mouse.  Wall-E wasn’t a warning of a grim possible future where mankind becomes giant helpless babies.  IT WAS A COMMERCIAL FOR IT!

Because, come on, that was pretty sweet right? Living in space on a luxury cruiser, robots doing everything for you, nothing really to worry about because all of your needs are being met by a sentient computer system that has no interest in ever taking you home.  And what is back at home any way? A bunch of trash that your going to have to help clean up and a promise of back breaking-life shortening labor in the name of a better world?  Who needs that?  Honestly, Wall-E and his good intentions screwed the human race over pretty hard.  They had a good thing going on the freaking ship!



The commercial is a big “Screw you and all your good intentions, Wall-E!”  Because why the hell wouldn’t you want to put that little yellow robot back in his place?  Its not like the Earth is worth saving anyway!  With all of its  famine, war, pestilence and death.  We have probably screwed it up so bad that there is no saving it at this point, so why not just bail?

Who needs you?! I pick being a space baby!

Who needs you?! I pick being a space baby!

Thank you Disney Cruise Lines, for reminding me that you only have to worry about the problems we have caused in this world if you can’t afford to ignore them.

*Drops the Mic*


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2 responses to “Over Thinking: The Dark Implications of a Disney Cruise Lines Commercials

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  1. Does this mean you are going to embrace DIY and “the strenuous life” See also, because it is F*%&ing funny.

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