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BuzzFeed ran a photo series today: Mitt Romney Goes to Costco.


I used that same wrapping paper last year.

As it happens, that after six years of unsuccessfully running for the White House he is now just a guy picking up paper towels to clean up after his giant family.

Candid shots of the former candidate are popping up online now that he has left the spotlight.  No more press junkets and professional glamor shots, now its all just iPhone pics of him doing everyday things.  I had a good laugh when the picture of him at a gas station popped up last month.  He just looked so confused about how things turned out.


“I didn’t expect to find myself at this gas station either. But here we are.”

But now… the joke is over.  Yep, he worked his ass off and lost (and I am happy to have voted against him).  He said a lot of stupid things, made some boldly bad moves and all of the work he has put in over the last half a decade will result in him fading into general obscurity.  Even his most diehard of followers are now walking away.  This unfortunate fellow who had the Romney logo tattooed onto his face is now in the process of having it removed:

Clearly a man of sound judgement.

A man of sound judgement.   You can tell because of the super classy neck tattoo he has of HIS OWN NAME.

All of the hoopla surrounding the 2012 election is over and I think some people aren’t moving on.  It is hard for people to let go of the election because it dominated the media for the last two years.  For months the airwaves were pretty much nothing but campaign commercials and trumped up news (sometimes literally).  It became a way of life.  It was what we expected to see each and everyday.  The morning after the election I saw a report about the top candidates for 2016.  Why don’t we all calm down and take a deep breath?  Why not walk away for a few years and see what things look like closer to the next election?  Why do people feel the need to follow Mitt around and snap photos of him?

I think it comes down to gratification.  We are a gratification happy culture and the election has left people feeling unsatisfied.  Obama is the same president that he was on November 5th, the fiscal cliff is still looming,  the GOP and Democrats are just as locked as they ever were.  The election is over, but nobody won.  And without a winner to look up to, we are forced to find the loser to look down on.   Romney’s exile to a “normal” life (normal for a still highly influential millionaire, that is) is the summation of the Democratic victory.   That grainy image of him at the pump and those shots of him buying wrapping paper are the grand result of both parties years of hard work, millions of dollars spent, countless volunteer hours and one long cold night at the polls.  Because he is the only person’s who’s life has clearly effected by the results of the election.  The rest of us are still waiting to see how it all works out.

After all that we want there to be more because of the time we invested watching it unfold.  Maybe Presidential politics are the new Lost.  We all got on board early expecting some grand result at the end, but it ends with the same questions we had when it started.  Maybe President Obama is Jack, just turned out to be there to keep things together long enough to hand the island over to the next protector.  Maybe Romney is Lock, terrifying in his resolve to have an impact but ultimately only serving to slow everyone else down.  We as the audience can’t be sure of anything we just watched, because the ending didn’t give us any concrete answers.

The end results of this election won’t be fully realized until the Obama administration is a chapter in our grand children’s history books, and maybe not even then.  There is no Animal House style ending montage letting us know where everyone is going to end up down the line.   We won’t get a video of Romney pulling a Jason Russell down the streets of San Diego.  Obama isn’t going to turn out to be a secret Muslim and destroy America and he also isn’t going to solve all of our problems in the season finale.  This isn’t Lost or Homeland or West Wing.

So, now Mitt Romney is just a dude buying some stuff at Costco.  Leave him alone.


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