Thanksgiving, where did you go?   5 comments

Have you ever noticed that there really aren’t any stand out Thanksgiving movies? Or songs? Or mascots?

Christmas has Santa, Easter has the Easter Bunny, Snowflake Day has Snowflake Jake and Halloween has more icons than you could count.   But Thanksgiving has no champion.  Rise of the Guardians, DreamWorks’ holiday version of the Avengers, even got a Thanksgiving release but has no superhero Turkey on its roster.

When October draws to a close and the candy has all left the shelves, red and green starts to replace it.   Thanksgiving never gets a moment to shine.

It makes sense.  Christmas and Halloween are the two most commercially viable holidays of them all.  Both center around obtaining gifts, be they candy or toys.  The commercial viability of Christmas is one of the pillars of the US economy, so much so that it has even effected when poor Thanksgiving falls on the calendar.  It originally fell on the last Thursday of November, but this was changed in the 1940s to the fourth Thursday, so that years where November happened to have five Thursdays did not lose a week of shopping season revenue.  The term “Black Friday” has been attributed to the idea that it is the day when all retailers move out of the red (losing money) and into the black (sustaining profits).

The one tradition that stands out year after year for Thanksgiving is the Macy’s Parade.  But even that is more like a Christmas preview, with Santa showing up at the end and all of the floats/musical numbers/balloons that precede him hocking one product or another.

Thanksgiving is the middle child holiday.  With its stalwart older sibling Christmas and fun younger sibling Halloween it gets lost in the shuffle.  Thanksgiving can’t sell you anything other than what you were going to buy for dinner anyway, so retailers don’t care about it.

So thank you, retailers.  Thank you for not yet having found a way to commercialize another holiday.  Thank you Macy’s parade for being so boring and lame in your attempts to sell me things that I don’t care enough to watch you.  Thank you film and TV for not creating a mascot to put into a thousand different lame movies that I would just watch because “hey, nothing else is on.”  Thank you, economic machine, for caring so little about Thanksgiving that you have pretty much forgotten about it.  You can have Black Friday, because I’m going to sleep in.



Posted November 20, 2012 by atomicsam in Real Life

5 responses to “Thanksgiving, where did you go?

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  1. Mazur is obsessing over Thankskilling and the other Thanksgiving horror films. I will only point out that Puritans don’t dance or sing. They aren’t partiers or “the Hollywood type.”

  2. Pieces of April is a great Thanksgiving movie. It’s just a little sad, though.

    • There are plenty of movies that take place at Thanksgiving, but they all tend toward sadness/family issues. There is not a lot by way of big mainstream, plays-on-TV-around-this-time-of-year movies. And that is just the nature of the holiday. Halloween is about fear, Christmas is about joy, and Thanksgiving is about sitting down with your family and dealing with them, for better or worse.

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