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The film industry has long had a love affair with itself, but only on occasion produces true stories about film making.  Probably for the best.  Writers, directors and stars move into legend along with their body of work, and with that they inspire the next generation of filmmakers.  Those new filmmakers  then pay tribute to their heroes by making movies about their lives.  If this process was left unchecked as a new generation of film makers develops the film industry would plunge into a perpetually renewing spiral of self inspiration.  This process would happen again and again until a day when the only films produced would be about the production of other movies and the film industry will die like a snake that has swallowed its own tail.

Still better than Trans4mers.

But non the less two such movies are set for release this year.

The first trailer was released for Hitchcock this week, staring Anthony Hopkins as the eponymous director.   The film tells the story of how Hitchcock’s slasher classic Psycho came to be.

Psycho is one of the all time classic thrillers and a real game changer for the horror genera, with twists and turns that still surprises audiences over 50 years after its release.

This week sees the release of Ben Affleck’s  Argo, about hostage rescue in the Middle East where a CIA agent sets up a fake film production in order to sneak six people out of Iran while posing as members of the pretend production crew.  While not about a real movie the story is utterly fascinating.

The thing that really kills me is that I would have loved to have seen the fake movie within the movie, also titled Argo.  What was used to make the fake film look legit was cobbled together from what was left of a failed film adaptation of the 1967 sci-fi novel Lord of Light, with concept art design done by comic book legend Jack Kirby.  I’ve been looking for a copy of the original script online, but with no luck.  Hopefully it will be release as promotional material for the new film.  I would love to see a that released with copies of the rest of the fake production materials and concept art.

These remind me of one of my favorite movies, Ed Wood, about the making of cult classic Plan 9 from Outer Space (which I talked about here).


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