What I Learned from Three Weeks Off Line   1 comment

Three weeks ago today I packed my life into the back of a van and moved a grand total of six miles from Boston MA to Somerville MA.  Since then I have had only limited access to the internet, which is why you haven’t seen an update here since then, dear reader.  Normally, I work on my post at night after work and publish mid day while I am at the office.  But no internet means no research, no research means no post.  But that is all over now!

So today I want to talk about what I’ve learned in three weeks off line!

1) Sometimes Work is A Nice Place To Be 

I was actually sort of glad to get back to work after taking time off to move.  No unpacked boxes staring at me, no furniture to put together, no empty fridge mocking me when I wanted a snack.  As much as I have complained about these white walls and florescent bulbs I was glad to be in a familiar place with a regular routine.  Not that I missed my spreadsheets, but at least I know how to handle spreadsheets.  There is no mystery there, unlike my new apartment where I don’t know the ins and outs yet.

I always told myself I would never have an office job, but after four years my desk feels like home in a way.  Not that I would want to spend Thanksgiving here, but when the rest of my life suddenly changed my desk stayed the same.  Data entry may not be exciting, but it is stable and for the first time in my life I really am glad it was there.

Because this is a lie…

That feels more like it.

Looks kind of nice now, eh?

2) There is No Reason to Check Facebook More Then Once A Week… Maybe Less… Maybe Never

After being away from my computer I was so happy to log onto Facebook to find out what all my friends had been up to! But, turns out Facebook is not good for that anymore.  I’m not going to jump on the anti-Facebook bandwagon.  I still use it and will continue to use it for the foreseeable future, but when logged back on for the first time I had nine notifications and at least five where for parties in states where I don’t live anymore.  The other four were personal but not exactly urgent, such as people Liking the fact that I wished them a happy birthday.

I clicked around and found that in my time away everyone had been up to the same old crap.   Save a few people who got engaged or popped out a kid, both of which are happening more and more frequently these days.  But if I am finding out about that over Facebook it probably means that I didn’t exactly need that update right away.  But congratulations to the happy couples and new parents all the same! You go, grown ups! Don’t mind me while I do some research from my next Dn’D campaign!

3) Its Not SPAM That You Need to Filter

I get about 50 emails a week from companies who I gave my email address to knowing full well I never actually wanted to hear from them.  Grad programs I’m not pursuing, local wine store newsletter, discounts for mechanics I don’t go to, Yelp updates…   I read literally none of them and I don’t delete them.  Ever.  They just sit there clogging up my inbox like so a ball of hair in my shower drain.

About once a year I’ll go though and start unsubscribing, but that doesn’t stop me from handing my email address out again and again anyway.  I have no explanation for this.  I just keep doing it.

4) I Never Watch the DVDs I Own

My TV sits on top of a bookcase that holds my dust covered DVD collection.  Ever notice that once you own a movie you kind of never feel the need to watch it?  Maybe its just me.  Netflix, Hulu and YouTube have created a world where as long as I am online I can see pretty much anything I want, making my DVD collection (literally hundreds of options) seem limiting.  Without the internet I was forced to go though my movies and ask myself which ones I would even ever watch again.  Do i really need a copy of Knocked Up? I’ve seen it like 3 times and its good, but now I know all the jokes.  Knocked Up is really one of those movies where I’ll get more and more out of each viewing and if I never watch it again I think I’ll be fine.

This is clearly not true of all my movies, but I could probably due with about a tenth as many as I have.

5) I Missed Books

I read three thick books during my exile from the internet.   It was great.


But now I am back and better then ever! Or at least as good as before!  So what do you do when you can’t get online? Tell me below!


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  1. But if people don’t check facebook at least once per week, how will they find out about our show?

    Oh, and I think 3) is called “bacon” in the tech industry.

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