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Time for anther installment of It Came From Netflix Instant!!! Where I help you to wade through the content on Netflix Instant and find out what is worth watching.  Today I am going to take a look at a few short run British SciFi TV shows that you will find yourself marathoning through.

Jekyll – 2007

If you are a fan of Doctor Who and Sherlock and just can’t wait for new episodes then I highly recommend Steven Moffat’s Jekyll.  It is a modern-day sequel to the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, starring James Nesbitt  as both counter parts.  Nesbitt does a fantastic job in both roles and the pacing of the six episode series is perfect.  The show will leave you wanting more, but not dissatisfied.

The next two shows on this list, Dear Reader, were unceremoniously called to an end before they were able to complete their runs.  Canceled, they left questions unanswered and tales half told.  If you can handle that for the sake of good story telling than please read on.  If not, perhaps it is best not to head down this particular rabbit hole.

Survivors – 2008

Survivors opens up with a plague wiping out all but a small portion of Earth’s population and a the survivors left to navigate what remains of the world.  The main characters come to blows with fellow survivors, remnants of the fallen government and a shadowy corporation that seems to have seen the pandemic coming.  Survivors buds into a conspiracy drama, but the mystery doomed to remain unresolved due to early cancellation.  In spite of this, suspenseful story telling and stand out performances from Paterson Joseph and Max Beesley make for a show worth watching.

Outcasts – 2010

If Firefly is about the “frontier era” of space travel than Outcasts is the colonial period.  Earth is a wasteland after a nuclear war and humans are setting up shop on the planet Carpathia.  Carpathia is a mysterious place, as are the people who have found their way there.  It was dropped from the BBC line up after one season, so those mysteries will remain unsolved.  In this fascinating series the characters tend towards moral ambiguity as they deal with the struggles of thriving on their new world.  They are often presented with ethical dilemmas, driving the drama of the series.

That wraps up this edition of  It Came From Netflix Instant!!!  What is on your Instant Queue? Tell me below!


5 responses to “It Came From Netflix Instant!!! British SciFi TV

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  1. I’d also add UltraViolet to that list, it’s a short run BBC horror drama about vampires. WAAAAY better than the American movie of the same name.

    I don’t think Dead Set is on Instant yet, but it’s pretty good too. A survival horror show about the cast of a Big Brother-esque reality show trapped in their house during a zombocalypse.

  2. Jekyll was really great. It goes a little crazy at one point but then it all comes back into place. Wire in the Blood and the first season of Primeval are also pretty good. If you haven’t seen those you should check them out.

  3. Loved “Outcasts”. gritty yet intelligent Sci-Fi which is well written & brilliantly acted. What a shame there was no season 2. my wife & I were distraught!

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