China’s Beach Face Mask Trend is Downright Terrifying   Leave a comment

Last week the New York Times ran an article regarding a hot new trend sweeping the beaches of China, the latex face mask!

Enjoy your nightmares, kids!

The trend of covering faces while catching some waves comes from the long held Chinese tradition of keeping you skin fair.  As one woman is quoted as saying in the article, “A woman should always have fair skin… Otherwise people will think you’re a peasant.”

So now all the women on China’s beaches look like they are bank robbers, luchadores and zombies! Thanks China!

I thought that the actual images were creepy, but not as creepy as they could be, so I figured I would give them a little Romero treatment.  Enjoy!

This outfit says “My favorite snack on the beach is BRAAAIIINNNNSSS!!!”

China: Home of Murder Masks, Swim Floaties and Man Ass.

Side effects include pale skin, diarrhea in others and never getting invited to parties.


Check out the article for the original images, which are arguably just as creepy in color.  Also remember, this horror is very real and is coming to get you.


Sleep well!


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