Kid in England pulls a Home Alone 2!   Leave a comment

CNN reports that an 11 year old boy in England snuck on to a plane and made it to Rome before he was discovered and sent back home.  No word on if he had any encounters with Joe Pesci or Daniel Stern during the incident.

Clearly this kid must be pretty clever if he was able to sneak past security now that England is on high alert for the Olympics.  I think they should have let him spend a little more time in Rome, considering he did out smart them.  He earned it!

Retroactively Based on a True Story!

Apparently there were also two cases in the sates where grown men also pulled this type of caper off.  So that makes you feel good about airport security, right? And if these are just the people that got caught, how often are people getting away with it?

Happy flying!



Posted July 26, 2012 by atomicsam in Film

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