Over Thinking: The Man of Steel Trailer   2 comments

The trailer for Zack Snyder’s Superman movie, Man of Steel, popped up online today! Take a look!

I have to say that Henry Cavill looks like he fits the costume pretty well.  Scaring fishing boat crews is probably not the best use of his powers, but hey what do I know?

Overall this trailer catches my interest, but I have one question about it.  Take a look at this shot:

Here we have a child that we can assume to be a young Clark wearing a red cape. This is  foreshadowing of his future as Superman.  Call me a nerd (go ahead, I’m cool with it), but when little kids throw on a red sheet as a cape it’s because they are pretending to be Superman.  But who is Superman pretending to be?

Please allow me this moment to speculate wildly and throw out a theory that  even I think is wrong, but would be super cool.

He is pretending to be… SUPERMAN! Superman in the future travels back in time and inspires himself to become a superhero.  BAM! NAILED IT!

Superman has been pulling the ol’ time travel card for a while now, like in Superman (1978):

He was able to do this back in the old comics as well, as depicted here:

Perhaps he was headed to catch the First Battle of Guinegate. Image Via Comics Make No Sense

Knowing Superman has time traveled before, but with no other supporting evidence what so ever, I propose this scenario:

In Man of Steel a young Clark starts developing strange powers that he cannot begin to comprehend and his heat vision burns down a barn on his parents property.  Thinking that he is a freak and a menace, Clark runs far far away, going faster and faster as his super speed develops.  By the time he stops running he is so far from home that he can’t find his way back and there is no hope of his loved ones ever reaching him.  But, lo and behold, a stranger in a red cape comes out of nowhere and finds him.  The stranger tells Clark that he doesn’t need to be afraid of his powers and that one day he will use them to be a hero.  The stranger tells Clark how to get back home and before Clark can thank him the stranger is gone with out a trace.  When Clark returns he starts wearing the red cape, pretending to be the stranger who saved him, never knowing that it was in fact his future self!

Then, at the end of the third Snyder Superman movie (because movies always come in trilogies), Superman must travel back in time to save the day (because that is bound to happen eventually) and in the corse of doing so realizes that he was the very stranger that inspired his younger self to be a hero in the first place!  We watch the scene from the beginning of Man of Steel in from the older Clark’s perspective and the story comes full circle.

The best story? No, probably not.  But it would have been better than Superman Lives:

Supercage almost happened in 1998.  I really think we missed out.

What do you think? Could my theory hold up? What is your explanation for the red cape? Am I just over thinking? (Yes. That is the very point of this blog, in fact.) Are you excited for Man of Steel? Tell me in the comments!


2 responses to “Over Thinking: The Man of Steel Trailer

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  1. 1. That would defeat the whole “one day you’ll have to make a choice” speech that Clark’s father gives him. 2. That kid in the cape looks pretty young to take all that in if he’s supposedly still dressing as an idol that only he’s seen and eventually supposed to become. 3. Your theory works better if you just merged Superman and Back To The Future.

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