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Once, it was a land ruled by skateboard fails and cat videos.  A funny little site that when it showed up on my computer for the first time in 2005 I thought little of its longevity.  I figured that it was good for a few laughs, but that as more and more people illegally uploaded protected material a series of lawsuits would bring its end.

Remember when this was all YouTube was/still is?

Now, every web browser I install comes with it preloaded as a favorite.  YouTubers are creating some of the best original video content available, in every imaginable category.  You name it, news, comedy, music, the arts, all subject matter has someone devoting their time to creating content about it for YouTube.  I now watch more original programing from YouTube than I do any other medium.

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite categories of original content, Science!  I love science, and thanks to the awesome people talking about it on YouTube at I can finally hope to understand it!

Our lives are silently and unquestionably dictated by the laws of physics, the DNA in our cells and the complex inner workings of our very minds.  With my BA in Film I am typically at a loss to understand any of it.  I am continually impressed by the leaps that scientists have made in our collective understanding of the universe, but trying to wrap my head around these complex ideas and innovations I have always felt like an ant standing at the bottom of mountain.  A tiny being staring up at something I could never hope to cross.

Now, with the science programing available online, I may not be ready to start assisting a the LHC, but at the very least I can feel like at least see the mountain.

These shows are designed for us laymen, who are interested in knowing more but are not in a position to pursue a doctorate.  If you want to start brushing up on your knowledge of science these are some of the channels that you should be subscribing to:


SciShow is released several times a week, each installment either explaining a topic in science that you might find in a text book or delivering breaking science news.  Hank is an engaging host and is the driving force behind VidCon, an annual convention highlighting YouTube original content.


Hank Green also co-hosts CrashCourse along with his brother, best-selling author John Green, a twice weekly series about biology and world history.  The idea is that in a year the brothers will provide two AP corse loads worth of information, that will help their viewes on the test that is life.


Michael from VSauce goes into everything from how high we can build to explaining how one day we will all make it to distance worlds, at least in a manner of speaking.  The channel describes itself as “Amazing Facts.”  Check it out for some mind blowing truth.


Last week when the possible discovery of the Higgs Boson was announced I, along with many others, went “Cool! What is that…?”  I knew that the best place to go for an explanation that I had any chance of understanding would be MinutePhysics.  The idea behind the channel is to explain complicated physics simply for folks like me! Sometimes it is still clear above my head, but I’m getting a much better understanding of physics because of it.


Spun off from the popular TedTalks channel, TedEd is aimed at a younger audience as an education initiative.  For me, every time a new TedEd video gets posted I get the same feeling I got when I walked into a class room in middle school and the TV on a cart waiting for me.  Simple graphics and great information.  I don’t care that it’s for kids, it’s great!

Those are my favorites! What original web content are you watching? Tell me in the comments! 


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