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Hey All! I know that you have been saying to your selves “I wish I could learn more about AtomicSam’s opinions, but in audio form.”

Well now you can! Over at the Roll For It! Podcast.

HA! I am so The Hulk.

As described by our Producer, Johnny B. Good (Aka John Benfield) :  The Roll For It! Podcast is a show where several friends of the nerdy persuasion crowd around a microphone to discuss and debate the things they care about: Games, movies, comics, TV, the internet, and the cultures surrounding all of them.  The panelists roll dice, take turns talking in order, then all rush the mic in a grand free-for-all.

Sadly, I was out of town for Episode 1, but you can catch me on Episode 2 later this week!


Posted July 11, 2012 by atomicsam in Roll For It

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