How Resident Evil and Harry Potter can end starvation.   2 comments

The new trailer for Resident Evil Retribution is up, take a look:

The Resident Evil film series hasn’t really been anything special and doesn’t devote anywhere near enough time to unlocking doors.  But on a combined total budget of $183M they have manage to return $675M+ worldwide, and that is more than enough to keep the series going.

and going and going….

This is the fifth installment for the franchise and the series director, Paul W.S. Anderson, has stated that he plans to do a sixth and final film should people go to see Retribution.  So far no film in the series has been a major box office success, and all of them have been paned by critics, but low budgets and a reliable fan base make the series a profitable venture for Davis Films.  The fourth film in the series, 2010’s Resident Evil Afterlife, returned $296M+ worldwide on a $60M budget even with listing it with only a 24% positive review rating.  Compare that to Salt, released the same year to more favorable reviews and with a similar box office return of $293.5M+, but which was shot for $111M.  Now, Resident Evil 5, the more predictably profitable film, is nearly finished and Salt 2 is lost in development purgatory, probably never to be made.

This is fairly typical for the film industry in the last 15 years or so, banking on the success of movies that already have established fan basses and popular source material.  Some film franchises  have been so profitable that they may even keep going beyond their originally perceived life expectancies, as is the case with The Twilight Saga. After making $2.5B+ at the box office the Twilight Saga movies may continue on passed the story told in the books.

Because why the hell wouldn’t it?  If a film series makes a profit, there is no reason from a marketing stand point for it to end, even if the reviews are bad.  Imagine if Harry Potter  got a ninth movie that wasn’t based on the books?  Sure there would be groans a plenty from the Potter purists, but considering the films have returned $7.7B on a total cost of $1.15B its hard to imagine the idea not being profitable.  To put that in perspective, that would buy you a billion burritos at Chipotle. A BILLION BURRITOS!  Do you know how many people that could feed?  A billion! Thats how many!

Should not have said that. Man, I could go for a burrito right now…

So there you have it, Harry Potter could end world hunger if they would make another movie.  Wait… was that the point I wanted to make?

Ah, screw it, good enough.


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2 responses to “How Resident Evil and Harry Potter can end starvation.

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  1. I wanna watch resident evil because of the franchise.. i just have to complete the series. LOL>

    • Yeah, I’d be lying if I said I had not seen them all. And will probably see the next one and part 6 when it gets made. Fun action thats easy to swallow. Not great movies, but perfectly fine for what they are trying to be.

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