Like Game of Thrones, HBO’s True Blood is keeping it all in the family.   Leave a comment

Anyone else starting to feel like there is too much incest on HBO?


On last night’s True Blood season opener, Eric Northman, the show’s sexy thousand year old Viking vampire, had super sexy vampire sex with his sexy vampire sister, Nora.


Eric explains that Nora isn’t his biological sister, but rather that she is fellow progeny of his vampire maker, Godric.  But that doesn’t stop him from calling her his sister over and over again.  Oh no, he calls her his sister several times before and after he makes sweet-sweaty vampire love to her in the back of a shipping container.  Nice.  Bill looks perturbed by this, but he isn’t really one to judge considering the tryst  he had with Portia last season, a woman who was revealed to be his direct descendant. All this reminds me of HBO’s other hit show, Game of Thrones, where many of the sexual relationships occur between family members.  Incest, it seems, is the sexual taboo of choice for the premium cable channel.

I can understand HBO’s portrayal of family-love in Game of Thrones and between Bill and Portia.  Those events occur in their respective source material, and some of those characters even have the good sense to be ashamed of themselves.

Not this girl, though. She’s fine with it.

But, Nora, so far as I can tell, was written just for the show.  Which means that at some point the show’s writers sat around a table and had a conversation that must have gone something like this:

“We need to make up for Eric being a total wuss last season!”

“How about a crazy sex scene!?”

“Well, we have already had bondage, gay sex, lesbian sex, sex with fairies, murder sex, werepanther sex, sex while tripping, three ways, butt-stuff, demon orgies, incest, missionary style and interracial.  Where is there left to go?”

“Incest again?”

“Well, it works on Thrones. Lets do it! But for good measure lets also have that weird Reverend from season two hit on Jason.  And he’s a vampire now. So is Tara.”

Yes, we are going back to the well. No, you won’t stop watching.

Maybe it’s because I just watched all of Arrested Development on Netflix, but I can’t help but feel like incest is popping on TV more and more these days.  It certainly isn’t anything new, but I wonder what is pushing interfamily relationships to the forefront of media.  Have we gone through all of the acceptable types of sexual relationships and now to be provocative we have to go to the final sexual taboo?

Super creepy if you ask me.  Ew.

But, I can’t say the subject hasn’t come up in more than one story that I’ve enjoyed.  So, with that, I give you Five Movies/TV shows which broach the subject and that are worth watching:

5) The People Under the Stairs– 1991

From horror writer/director Wes Craven, this movie follows a teenager named Fool, who stumbles into a house of terror during a robbery attempt.  He befriends a girl he finds there named Alice, who has been held captive by her “parents,” a brother and sister who have been kidnapping children to be a part of their family.  As Fool attempts to save Alice and escape the demented siblings he encounters Alice’s “brothers,” the unfortunate children who were deemed unfit for the family and are forced to live beneath the house.

4) Red Dwarf Sn 2 Ep 6 – Parallel Universe – 1988

Dave Lister, the main character in the BBC’s long run (and soon to return) sci-fi/comedy Red Dwarf has an encounter with Deb in the show’s second season finale. Deb is a version of Lister from a parallel universe where genders are switched, and upon meeting the two degenerates end up sleeping together. By the rules of the parallel universe this results in Lister getting pregnant and giving birth to two children, twin sons.  The children were subsequently written out of the show between seasons two and three, so we never get to see Lister be a father to them, but the episode did raise the all important question “would you sleep with yourself?” For Lister it is a yes, but with some big regrets.  Lister would later find out that he is in fact his own father, due to an unrelated incident involving in-vitro fertilization and time travel.

3) X-Files Sn 4 Ep 2 – Home – 1996

This is probably the straight up scariest hour of the X-Files that ever aired.  The episode has Mulder and Scully  going up against an inbreed family that have become monstrous and commit violent murders in order to protect the privacy of their clan.  Watch this one with the lights on, because it quickly becomes terrifying and gory.  The make-up effects really stand out in this episode, bringing the graphic subject matter to life and haunting your imagination long after viewing.

2) Arrested Development − 2003-06

A major plot line of the series revolved around cousins George Michael and Maeby (played by Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat) haveing unrequited feelings for one another.  Throughout the series George Michael tries to find evidence that they are not biologically related, and you really end up rooting for him, even if you wish he would just get a new love interest.

1)Fututrama – Sn 3 Ep 19 Roswell that Ends Well – 2001

A trip back in time results in the main character, Fry, killing his grandfather and sleeping with his grandmother, playing off of what is known as the Grandfather Paradox.  The episode received an Emmy and is widely considered one of the best episodes of the series overall.  The episode is immensely quotable, I can recite it pretty much verbatim.  It is funny and smart and is one of stories that makes this series so great.


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