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I’ll preface this post by saying that I liked Prometheus and I recommend that if you are a fan of the Alien franchise or sci-fi action thrillers in general that you go see it. There were a few intense moments where I was gripping the arm of my chair.  It was scary and smart, and each scene is so well done that there is no good moment to go to the bathroom.

With that said, I walked out of the movie with a few questions.  Nagging little things that I have to wonder if a) the major rewrites left a few holes in the plot, or b) are those just seeds for the possible future sequels.

So, here are 5 things I want to know after watching: Major Spoilers Ahead!

1) What did changing the iconic monsters to new ones add to this film?  During production the script from Prometheus was reportedly changed to be less of a straight up Alien prequel to be more of its own stand alone film that creates a path way to the events of Alien.  As a result the aliens in this film have all new looks, save for the smallest possible appearance by a familiar monster.  The new appearances didn’t really add much, and they all acted exactly the same way as their counter parts from the other films.  The little snake monsters seen in the preview still act and attack the same way the facehuggers did.  A human, infected with the bioweapon discovered on the planet, jumps around and slashes its victims no different than a mature warrior Alien from the other films.  So why the change?  If Prometheus had abandoned the idea of being an Alien prequel entirely and had come up with vastly redesigned monsters then I would get it, but as this movie is still throughly grounded in the Alien universe and mythos I just don’t feel like the changes added anything.

2)Did everyone working on this movie forget how evolution works? The main premise of this film is that scientists have discovered that man was put on this planet by a race of aliens whom they have dubbed Engineers, whom fans of the series will recognize as the Space Jockeys.  Not only that, but it is discovered that the Engineers are actually human, our DNA being exactly the same.  When this theory is put forth in the film it prompts one character to ask if they are just going to throw Darwinism out the window, and the answer he is given is “yes.”  Umm… What?  Homo Sapien is one of over a dozen species of human that existed on this planet.  Did the Space Jockeys leave those other species behind too?  Or are the other lost species of man still out there in space?  Is there a Neanderthal planet?  When is a good time to visit?

“No, seriously, f**k you guys.” – Darwin

3) How the f**k was Noomi Rapace walking around two minutes after having her abdomen cut open? I was just like “Wahhhhhh!!!” the whole time!

4) Why age up Guy Pearce? The special effects team went though the trouble to make Guy Pearce look old and decrepit.  But, he still looked like a guy in old man make up.  Why not use a real old guy?  Were there scenes with a young Guy Pearce that never made it into the movie? He is so handsome, why did you destroy that so he could look like a worse version Eddie Murphy as the old Jewish guy in Coming to America?

Tell me I’m wrong. I dare you.

5) Did you see the trailer for Premium RushI thought that movie sounded kind of dumb, but now I want to see it.  JGL = Mancrush

I mean, just look at him…

So thats what I want to know.  What did you guys think of the movie?  Will you see part 2 if it comes out?  Let me know down below!


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4 responses to “Prometheus: Anyone else a little confused?

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  1. Hey, Sammy! Great post. Here are my 2 cents…

    1) I was actually fine with the changes to the monsters. The Xenomorphs have been known for adapting their entire genetic makeup based on the hosts they consume and infest (witness the dog-like alien from Alien3, the humanoid alien from A:R, and the PredAlien from AVP,) so it makes total sense that these protomorphs (including the face-hugger worms and the body-hugger near the end of the film) would look like inefficient prototypes of the monsters we’d come to know and love. I wasn’t keen on the Space Jockeys turning out to be humanoid titans, though, as I really enjoyed the elephant-head design from in Alien and was looking forward to learning that they were just one more race that fell victim to the xenomorphs.

    2) I totally agree that this flies in the face of everything we know about evolution (especially since there were already trees and grass on the planet, which means evolution had been underway for some time) but perhaps the conceit is that it introduced non-insectoid animal DNA (since you can’t have grass and trees without insects/annelids/etc.)

    3) This bugged the crap out of me in the theater. Not only is she okay to sprint and tumble with only a few staples holding her guts in (seriously, guys, how hard would it have been to put a glowing line along her stomach to show the nanites healing her or somesuch?) but she recovers from psychological trauma unlike any other ever experienced by humankind AWFULLY fast. Furthermore, other than one offhand comment by David and a condescending speech by Weyland, it’s NEVER MENTIONED AGAIN. Even the techs who were supposed to put her in cryo-stasis don’t mention it. It’s like that scene happened in another movie, which is a big criticism of the movie in general. It seemed like a collection of scenes that had little to do with one another; some hit, some missed.

    4) The only reason I can imagine for casting Guy Pearce is because they intended to do more things like this viral marketing piece in the movie itself. Honestly, this should’ve replaced the cave scenes in the beginning as our introduction to the film. It sets up scenes that are called back later in the movie, and it does a much better job of explaining the premise.

    There were plenty of other problems to be had with the film, and I suggest you check out Drew from Hitflix’s breakdown of most of them, but you hit upon almost all of my biggest issues. The only one I’d add is that the “scientists” behaved more like a pack of teenagers on a trip to a cabin in the woods than they did like professional scientists. Could they have rushed headlong into more danger than they did if they were TRYING to kill themselves? I’d say no, they couldn’t.

  2. One of the things that bugged me the most (mind you this is my musings after just watching the movie) is how Fifield and Milburn (the geologist and biologist respectively) got lost in the complex when Fifield HAS A MAP FROM HIS “PUPS”?

    I know you had to have people start dying soon, but I felt that this was kinda hamfisted….or there was some sort of scene cut that explained how they got lost and the others (who were far more freaked) managed to get out fine.

    • It bugged me too. I should have put this in the post, by why the hell did Milburn bug out after they discovered the Engineer’s body? As a biologist wouldn’t it have been, oh I don’t know, THE DEFINING MOMENT OF HIS CAREER! Freaky little terror snake he is all over, but a the harmless corpse of an advance and perviously unknown alien civilization he runs away from? Maybe I need to do another list…

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